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3Tree Yoga got its start in the summer of 2013, teaching small classes in a home-based studio. We now call Fort Worth's Near Southside home, and love being a part of our city's shift toward a more locally based, sustainable existence. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Tiffany Denny, we teach an alignment-based style of Hatha and Vinyasa that merges traditional yogic principles with a deep understanding of musculoskeletal physiology. 3Tree Yoga offers group classes, yoga therapy, and workshops, all of which carry the intention of increasing whole-life wellness. We welcome your feedback and questions.









New to yoga?

"Once you get a taste of yoga, you lose interest in all the things that are dimmer reflections of that taste."

– Richard Freeman, Boulder CO


I'm new to yoga

Will I be okay?

The most difficult aspect beginning a yoga practice is the apprehension we feel when trying something new, surrounded by others who have a lot of experience. Remember, though, that we are all beginners at some point. A yoga practice is a journey of continual growth—we never stop learning. 3Tree teachers have great experience mentoring new students, modifying a poses in class to meet each student's needs and helping you to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar situation.

Where do I start?

We have classes for you, specifically

3Tree Yoga offers beginners series that are designed to help you progress from square one to maintaining a regular yoga practice. After making it through a beginners series, you'll be at home in any of our Yoga 101 or Restorative classes. As you grow in your practice, you'll find that you need more of a challenge, and will make the jump to Hatha, Vinyasa, and Core classes.

What will I need?

Not much. Movement & Breath

Despite its commercialization, yoga, by nature, is quite minimalist—that's part of its beauty. You can practice yoga in the studio, at home, at work, and anywhere else in your daily life. When you come to 3Tree Yoga, your class tuition includes—if needed—a loaner mat and complimentary filtered water. You need only to bring an open mind and comfortable clothing.


Group Classes

Yoga 101

A great class for any level of yoga practitioner, and very appropriate for beginners. It is an asana practice that consists of excellent instruction in basic yoga postures, alignment, and yogic principles. It may include education on some aspects of yoga philosophy, breath work, meditation, anatomy, or alternative health, all within the scope of a posture and movement-based yoga class. In addition to regular Yoga 101 classes, there will be a beginners’ series offered two or three times per year for people that want a structured and progressive introduction to a yoga practice.


Learn and explore in your practice. Movements are deliberate, and we practice postures and transitions in a variety of ways to ensure everyone gets the most opening and as many benefits as possible from their yoga practice. Frequently, props and alignment-based instruction are used to help students either go deeper or increase ease within their practice, and elements of meditation and breath work will often be included in these classes. Hatha is offered at various levels including Beginner (yoga 101) as well as intermediate/advanced and mixed-levels classes. 


Emphasize movement aligning with breath and transitions between poses. Often, vinyasa classes feel like meditation in motion, because although alignment and skilled cueing are still emphasized, there is less depth and frequency of instruction due to the increased pace of a vinyasa class. These classes are typically best for students with a little bit of yoga experience and no significant injuries, but vinyasa classes are open to all students wanting to try this liberating, fun style of yoga. There are options for Mixed Levels or Intermediate/Advanced vinyasa classes.


Gentle movement, yin (sustained stretching) postures, breath work, meditation, and restorative postures. Restorative postures are deeply supported by blankets, blocks, and other props, and are wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. These classes are intended for anyone, of any level, that needs a more grounding, calming practice, to decrease stress or anxiety, or to balance out high-intensity workouts. Everyone needs a restorative practice at some point.


Strengthening and increasing control over the core musculature in the body. This class is special at 3Tree Yoga, because our core class truly trains all aspects of core function, including discussion of both physical and energetic core anatomy and physiology. Core classes benefit many types of students, with the ability to improve athletic and fitness performance for some, while helping to reduce back and lower extremity pain for others. This class will include work for deep and superficial abdominal, low back, hip, and scapular musculature, and always incorporates the essential integration of breath to enhance core function. 


Private Yoga


Yoga Therapy

Benefit from Tiffany’s training and expertise in orthopedics, or her experience with women’s health and pelvic health, and receive a personalized yoga program, including hands-on assistance, which targets your specific needs.

Private Instruction

Private yoga sessions work on progressing certain aspects of your practice. Receive attention for your alignment, optimize your form, or even to learn appropriate modifications to your practice that they may then use in group classes.


Take everything that's great about private yoga instruction, and enjoy it with a couple of close friends.




Group Classes

Single Class — $15

Drop in for a class at any time. We'd love to see you!

10-Class Package — $130

Save a few dollars with this package. All class credits are transferable and won't expire, so feel free to take your time and to bring a friend to class with you. 

Private Yoga

Yoga Therapy — $80

Private Yoga — $80

Semi-Private Yoga

Semi-private classes are either $40 per person, or $100 split evenly between all students—whichever is less.


Earlybird Monthly Membership — $80

Sign up for a monthly membership before the studio opens, and save $30/month on your first three months' tuition.

Monthly Membership — $110

Come to class as often as you like. This membership offers the best value if you plan to attend at least two classes per week, and renews automatically every month.

Annual Membership — $1,000

Shared Annual Membership — $1,500

An annual membership provides our most significant discount. You can also join with a friend to purchase a shared annual membership.

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