Amanda Guy, RYT

Amanda's 3Tree Teaching Schedule:
- Tues     |  5:15p  |  Deep Stretch
- Thurs   |    10a    |  Deep Stretch

Yoga came to me as a teenager, where I followed sequences on tape in my bedroom. When I started venturing out to classes, I truly fell in love with the practice. Yoga studios gave me a space to clear my mind, focus on the movement, and feel a sense of community. I always left class feeling renewed and connected. My intention had been to practice yoga for the physical benefits, and I did find an increase in my strength and stability. However, I most often returned to yoga for the mental clarity and emotional healing it provides. Through practice I learned to embrace and explore challenging postures, while also finding patience with and acceptance of myself each time I came to the mat. In 2015, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training through Namah Shivaya Yoga in Dallas. I have loved practicing at 3Tree since the studio opened its doors, and now I am so proud to teach in such a beautiful space.

My goal is to share with others what yoga has given me.  I emphasize mindfulness and breath in class. Students of all levels are encouraged to approach their practice with a beginner’s mind, modifying or deepening poses based on their body’s capabilities that day. I seek to alleviate the pressure and expectation we sometimes put on ourselves to look a certain way or to perform difficult postures. Laugh if you fall, and then try again. I teach so that you may roll up your mat at the end of class feeling like you have found good space in both body and mind.