Amy Dell LCSW, RYT

Amy has been a RYT since 2015, and completed her YTT through Yoga Shala in Lubbock, TX.

In addition to teaching, Amy is also a Children’s Counselor, and has been licensed as a Clinical Social Worker since 2014.   

“I took my first studio yoga class while living in Austin and working through my Masters Program.  I felt immediate relief by the healing work I was doing on my mat, and yoga at first for me became a key tool in my self-care.  As I continued practicing, I realized yoga was also shifting to be my primary spiritual practice. I noticed through consistent practice I began growing more space for healing within my own life, especially in releasing anxiety and stress. The practice of yoga has continued to shape my life, and I feel so very privileged to be able to share this magical mind, body, spirit practice with anyone willing to try. 

When I teach, I strive to create space in a way which allows students the ability to grow at their own pace, while directing mindfulness to the breath, and drawing awareness to proper alignment.   

I feel incredibly blessed to be sharing yoga with the Fort Worth community, and to be a part of the beautiful Indra’s Grace Team.”