Yoga in the Trees

The first class went off without a hitch today, and Austin and I could not be happier. We had beautiful trees, birds, sun, shade, and a nice, light breeze, which was a great change from the intense winds present earlier in the week.  

 trees showing the scale of our outdoor yoga practice at 3Tree Yoga's #FWSUNRISEYOGA

One of my favorite things about practicing outdoors (as well as one of the biggest challenges), is that there are many opportunities to work outside of one’s comfort zone, both as a teacher and as a student. As class went on, I found myself amused by my habitual use of “inside words,” such as, “lower your knee to the floor (as opposed to the ground, or the earth),” and “look up to the ceiling (as opposed to the sky or the treetops).” I know that, as a student, I am very conscious of the languaging used by yoga teachers, so I had to think a little more about my words during this class.

 Warrior 3 Yoga Pose at 3Tree Yoga's outdoor yoga class in Fort Worth Texas #FWSUNRISEYOGA
 Tiffany teaching one of 3Tree Yoga's outdoor yoga classes in Fort Worth Texas #FWSUNRISEYOGA

I hope that students had fun navigating the adjustments required within the practice to account for things like the breeze, the mildly uneven ground, the occasional leaf or bug traversing their mats, and the moving trees and wide sky visible every time we looked up—I know I lost my balance a time or two for this reason. Somehow, these shifts away from the “norm” that occur when practicing outdoors diminishes any sense of competition or expectation with our practice. This allows us to do our yoga solely for the purpose of breathing and moving in community with nature, even if it is a little chunk of tree-covered paradise in the middle of Fort Worth. 

I am indescribably grateful to the amazing yogis that brought their mats and their energy out to the park to try something new. I was blown away by the great turnout, and I can’t wait to do it again, and again!

 Group shot of #FWSUNRISEYOGA yogis from 3Tree Yoga's first outdoor class in Fort  Worth Texas

The next class will be on Saturday, April 26, and we will confirm the time that week once we can check the weather. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support of Embody Love Movement (, 3Tree Yoga, and our vision for our studio to bring more great yoga into the Fort Worth and DFW yoga communities. 

With love and gratitude,