Rock Asana

Do you ever find it hard to get the inspiration necessary to pursue your personal yoga practice at home?

We're all busy, we work hard. At the end of the day, the couch looks so inviting, and the snooze button equally so in the morning. Sometimes, we need to find ways to make our personal spaces more interesting, and conducive to a regular practice—the easiest way to do that is through music. In addition to grounding yourself on a regular basis with your local yoga community, finding new tunes will help you to avoid getting stuck in a yoga rut. 

Something we've always wanted to do is host a weekly class called Rock Asana. You come to a loosely structured class, have some good laughs, and we'll crank up some new music—hopefully music you haven't heard before. Until we have the ability to kick off this class series, we thought it would be good to share interesting artists as we discover them. After all, music and yoga are two things in our lives that help to slow us down. Check out the tracks below—they can all be found on Spotify—and see if you can't pick any of them out next time you're in class. Hope you enjoy!