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With your support, we were able to sign a lease on a studio space (currently home to Cut Hair Salon—check them out, by the way). And that's a huge deal for us. Here's why.

One year ago, Tiffany and I decided to do something different—drastic, you might say. We had just gotten married, been on an amazing honeymoon in Mexico (thanks to our credit cards), purchased a house in the suburbs near our kids' school, and were settling into our very-time-consuming careers. That was the plan all along. We achieved so many socially expected milestones, yet as we sat on the other side looking at the next forty years, we realized that wasn't the life we wanted to live. We felt trapped by stuff and debt. Student loans, a mortgage, car payments, all things that intrinsically divert time and energy away from what matters—family and passions. 

We'd always talked about opening a yoga studio. But it just never seemed feasible. There came an inevitable point in the conversation where one of us descended back to earth with a pragmatic reality: we didn't have the money, the timing was no good, it's too risky. The other, in a resigned tone, would respond, 'well, someday . . .' Life keeps piling on, though. And the someday is pushed further from the top of our consciousness, until it shifts from a dream to a regret.  

The other day, Tiffany and I were having lunch at Benito's (read: stuffing our faces). I asked her if she knew why I had insisted a year earlier that we finally take the leap, ignoring all excuses and negative possibilities. I figured she had known all along, but I was wrong (not uncommon for me), so I finally told her the story. 

Tiffany tends to leave piles of mail and other assorted items around the house. I tend to tidy those piles—it's kind of our thing. I move everything which requires her attention to the master pile, next to her side of the bed, where I'm sure it will glare at her nightly until she relents and sorts through it or moves it again. Out of sight, out of mind. Anyway, I came home from work one day last August and, on my way to drop my laptop in the bedroom, grabbed a Tiffany pile in need of condensing. Carefully balancing the new addition atop the master pile, a small notebook slipped out and fell to the floor.

I picked it up and thumbed the pages to see if it deserved a spot in the master pile. It was mostly empty, save for a few random entries—grocery lists and the like. I came across one page, though, that seemed like a stream-of-consciousness writing. I'd say I read it accidentally, but I am a painfully slow reader, so let's face it, I snooped a bit. She wrote about the disillusionment of a career in western medicine, the diminishing effect of bureaucracy on patient care, and the sinking feeling of spending seven years in school before arriving at this realization. 'Well, shit,' I thought. Reading those words trumped any trepidation we'd experienced in the past. If you know Tiffany, you'll know what I mean when I say that she gives endlessly of herself. Someone as kind-hearted as she deserves to do what they love in life.

So, I went into the living room, where Tiffany was reading on the couch, and said simply, 'hey, let's do it.' Turns out it was that simple, and we haven't looked back. A few days later, four of our good friends got together in our sunroom for 3Tree Yoga's first-ever yoga class.  

 3Tree Yoga's first ever yoga class

In the year since, we've learned so much and have been incredibly fortunate to meet countless new friends. We decided pretty early on that we wanted the studio to eventually take shape in Fort Worth's Near Southside. My grandparents lived and worked in Fairmount before the war, and I grew up in South Fort Worth. Even after moving closer to the DFW airport for high school, Fort Worth still felt like home. But it wasn't until I left the military, came home to Texas and transferred to TCU that I realized how much Fort Worth had changed since my childhood. There are communities gaining serious foothold in Fort Worth that embrace local living, sustainability, environmental and social justice, and many other issues that are deeply important to us. 

We looked for potential studio spaces for months with absolutely no luck. Commercial real estate is tricky. There are, at any given point, dozens of factors at play, and many of them have to align to even get the chance to view a property, much less make it past the troll-under-the-bridge landlord tests required to become lease candidates. The whole process becomes that much harder when you want to be located in a neighborhood like the Near Southside. No more than a few weeks ago, we were on the verge of scrapping our plans because nothing seemed to be working out. But somehow, when things become really difficult, a solution always seems to drop into our laps. The universe is looking out for us.

Our tentative plan is to take occupancy this October, convert the space into a yoga studio, and open our doors for classes in November. We sincerely hope that you'll join us as we embark on this exciting stage of the 3Tree Yoga adventure. To help get us off the ground, we're offering pre-opening membership discounts, $30 off the normal unlimited membership amount for our first three months in business. If you're interested, you can set up your membership here, or if you'd rather check us out first, come to a free Yoga in the Trees class.

We're incredibly excited, and there are several people whom we need to thank for getting us this far. To everyone below, we are eternally grateful for your guidance, wisdom, and support. 

And here it is, 620 South Jennings Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76104, the future home of 3Tree Yoga. The building, circa 1920, currently houses Cut Hair Salon, but they're not moving far. Just across the street, actually. They're good people, and we're excited that they'll be leaving successful-small-business vibes in the space. Nice work, Anthony. 

 3Tree Yoga Studio in Fort Worth's Near Southside
 3Tree Yoga Studio in Fort Worth's Near Southside
 3Tree Yoga Studio in Fort Worth's Near Southside
 620 S. Jennings Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 | 3Tree Yoga Studio Location