Beginners Yoga. Your Mat is Ready.

Yoga is an activity now popular enough to be discussed on talk shows, portrayed in television and movies, offered in gyms and community centers, and written about in books, news, and on the internet. Science is starting to back the health benefits of a yoga practice, and anecdotal information proliferates from friends, colleagues, and celebrities about the positive impact of yoga in their lives. At this point, it’s hard to be a newcomer in a yoga studio or class because we make assumptions about what is necessary to practice yoga—flexibility, strength, balance, special pants, a love for vegetables, and the uncanny ability to sit quietly for long periods of time without freaking out. But a yoga practice is not dependent on any of these things. 

Yoga fosters improved many physical benefits, from improved strength, balance, and flexibility, to decreased pain, better hormonal balance and an increased ability to manage stress. It also often leads to more self-acceptance and teaches us how to relate to others in positive ways. If one or more of these benefits sounds good, then it’s worth it to try yoga! It can be difficult, however, to determine the right starting point. Group classes can feel intimidating, but the internet, DVDs, and books don’t hold one accountable for their practice and cannot offer any personalized feedback. Joining a beginners series is a great solution, and I must admit, I hope that you will try mine at 3Tree Yoga. 

For $80, you get a 6-class series over six weeks, and there are three days and times to choose from to suit your schedule. We will cover the basics of practicing yoga, including how to get into common poses and modify them as needed, how to breathe (and why the heck we are so into breathing), and demystifying some common yoga language. This will be a practical introduction into yoga with other people that are also new to yoga. Laughter and questions are encouraged, and my goal is to make sure that each student feels comfortable at the end of the series entering Level 1 group classes, and knows how to modify their practice in mixed level classes. The day and time from each series will turn into a Level 1 class after the series ends, so you will be able to keep up your yoga routine if you so choose. 

The Beginners Series is also appropriate for people that have been taking yoga or doing some yoga at home, but are interested in a more comprehensive understanding of the practice. If you have been thinking of trying yoga, now is the time! Join one of the Beginners Series and see what all the fuss is about without worrying about being asked to become a pretzel impersonator or stand on your head. 

3Tree Yoga Beginners Series:

  • Saturdays 11:30am — Starts THIS SATURDAY, Feb 28
  • Mondays 10:30am — Starts Monday, Mar 2
  • Wednesdays 6:00pm — Starts Wednesday, Mar 4