Good people bring great things

"If you surround yourself with good people, nothing bad can happen to you."

When making new friends or joining a new community, it's part of our nature to gravitate towards people who share similar values - and who we believe - are inherently good. It is the people in every community (particularly in Fort Worth) who contribute to and ultimately make it such a unique city.

It is the owners of 3Tree Yoga, Austin and Tiffany Denny, who have created such a beautiful practice space where anyone at any level can come into the yoga studio, grow in a comfortable, nurturing environment, and leave feeling better than when they walked in. It is these people, along with my fellow students and teachers, with whom I am so fortunate to share my yoga home.

Living less than a mile from 3Tree, I always try to take advantage of riding my bike to the studio. It's a truly awakening experience that gets me in the best mood for practicing and teaching yoga. One evening after class, I headed to the bike rack out front where I had parked less than two hours before. In a state of yoga bliss, it took me a moment to come to and realize that my little cruiser was nowhere in sight.

After being surrounded by such wonderful souls, I was filled with disbelief that someone would actually steal a bike. For a moment, I started questioning whether I even rode my bike or if I remembered to lock it up. Check and check.

Feeling stranded without my favorite mode of transportation, my yoga high quickly started to dissipate as anger and annoyance bottled up.  After a few deep breaths and a comforting talk with Tiffany on the ride home, I started to have faith in humanity again. Much like any conversation with Tiffany, I always 1. learn something new (apparently, bike theft is pretty common, especially in our hood) and 2. see things from a new perspective (it was probably time to get a new bike anyways).

It didn't take long before I experienced some major bike withdrawals, so I started browsing for a new bike online that night. And then, I got an email from Austin. The subject line read your new bike! Inside, was a thread from a local bike enthusiasts Facebook group Austin was in. What started as an incredibly kind request from him offering to trade in his bike for something to fit my size, turned into a collaboration of really good people. It was truly incredible how they came together, donated parts and even helped put it together -- leaving me with a beautiful badass bike that will always serve as a special reminder of the power of kindness and compassion. I was and still am overwhelmed with joy, and want thank each of you, especially Dave Hickey. I hope to thank you in person soon!

This power of kindness and love is exactly what Austin and Tiffany have cultivated within the 3Tree Yoga community. I am so honored to call 3Tree my yoga home, surrounded by inspiring people that truly live out the practice of yoga.

PS: I still (very happily) ride my bike to the studio. I just park in the back lot, where I assure you will have no issues.