One Love 108 Sun Salutations

Something exciting is happening in April 2015. The truth is, it happens all year round, and April is our local celebration. The One Love Dallas 108 Sun Salutations event is April 25, and I have been excitedly encouraging people to sign up with me for a while now. This is not your everyday 108 sun salutations practice—there is a special energy that happens when so many people come together, breathe together, move together, and set intentions together for a united goal. Trust me, it is worth the ticket purchase and the trip to Dallas (unless you live in Dallas, and then  it’s just so convenient) to have this experience whether you complete 108 sun salutations or none. 

The money from the One Love Dallas event goes to support ongoing and new programs both locally and abroad that empower women, especially those that have endured sex-trafficking and abuse, to take control over their own lives and bodies. One of the nonprofits is Mosaic Family Services in Dallas working with local victims of sex trafficking. Other partners include Off the Mat, Into the World and The Village Experience, both of which act in multiple countries, providing support and services to improve quality of life for people all over the world. The more I see from these organizations, the more I want to become a part of the growing fabric of people dedicated to helping others achieve social justice, and empowering people to live their lives fully, with love for themselves and love for others. 

The event this year is only $25, and for that you get great yoga in the outdoors, music from DJ Drez and an unforgettable experience supporting positive change through real action in our global community.

I am beyond honored to be one of the DFW yoga teachers leading the 108 sun salutations practice this year, and I am humbled and amazed by the support and generosity of this wonderful community. I hope you will come with me and show up for this cause—I promise you’ll be glad you’re there!

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If you can't make it to the event, but have the ability to donate to my One Love fundraiser, please do so, and thank you!

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Photo credit to the talented Danielle Doby