Our Story: Who is Indra's Grace?

Indra’s Grace opened its doors in early January 2010 in Weatherford, Texas.  Sandra Vanatko, owner and visionary had an inspiration to create a safe and inviting space where everyone would feel welcome to practice Yoga regardless of age or level.  Her dream was to open a center that was truly for every BODY.  She was moved to create a space where she could share everything she had learned in her own healing journey towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  She was motivated to create a support system through practice and teachings that lead towards wholeness.  She also recognized the power that comes from being held in community and was inspired to create conscious community.


Indra’s Grace is named after Sandra’s mother Jindra, who lost her three year battle to breast cancer in 1999.  Sandra dropped the J which left Indra.  Indra is a Sanskrit name for God.  The one word everyone always used to describe Jindra was “graceful.”  Sandra decided to name the studio in her mothers honor.  Indra’s Grace can mean God’s Grace, God’s Blessing, Mothers Blessing, or Mothers Grace.  Inspired and motivated by her mother and in search for answers on how to stay healthy Sandra researched and investigated many different movement therapies, nutrition, mindfulness, spiritual practice, and the importance of “sangha” community.  Indra’s Grace is this offering.

Indra’s Grace celebrated it’s seventh anniversary this past January.  We are almost 8 years old, located one block off the southwest corner of the Weatherford Square with over 200 students that join us weekly for classes.  Indra's Grace recently expanded into it's second location over Thanksgiving weekend of 2017 by taking over stewardship of 3Tree Yoga. We cannot think of a better time than Thanksgiving, the season of gratitude and gratefulness.

We now offer both group and private Yoga classes, holistic nutrition coaching,  massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy, energy work and personal healing sessions. We hope you will come join us and find what you need to support your healing journey.

Sandra thanks all that have been instrumental in the opening and growth of the studio and community.  First and foremost she thanks the Infinite. Second, her mother for her inspiration, third her teacher Shashi Pottathil for helping awaken her spiritual nature and her path, fourth her father for giving her the courage to open Indra’s Grace, fifth her meditation teacher John Churchhill that deeply supported opening up a non-dual View, and sixth all the students and community of Indra’s Grace. Without them there would be no Indra’s Grace.  It is an honor and a blessing to now serve the Weatherford, Fort Worth community and beyond.  Almost 8 years later we are an incredibly skilled, passionate, highly committed team of seekers and students that love to share what we have learned along the way.