Class Descriptions


A moving meditation, where movement, breath, and creative sequencing come together for a class that is fun, challenging, and ultimately tension-busting! The word vinyasa does not mean "speed yoga," or that you have to take only one breath per movement, or that you have to do 27 sun salutations, but transitions and fluidity are certainly an element of the practice. Our vinyasa classes are typically most enjoyable for students with a little bit of yoga experience and no significant injuries, but can be easily modified to suit many levels of students. Bring your sense of humor, and leave self-criticism at the door when you come to try this liberating class.


Hatha classes are multi-level classes, where thoughtful class planning as well as the employment of skilled observation, hands-on assists, pose modifications, and often, props, help to deepen and facilitate your yoga experience. These classes differ from vinyasa classes in that they are more straightforward in how you transition between poses, and there is a little more stillness inherent in the practice. You may find that the deliberant sequence allows you to progress further in your own practice than before, and attempt poses you previously left out. Elements of meditation and breath work will also be threaded into hatha classes, making them truly well-rounded opportunities to learn and explore yoga. 

Basic (Hatha & Vinyasa)

A great class for any level of yoga practitioner, and very appropriate for beginners. It is an asana practice that consists of clear instruction in basic yoga postures, alignment, and yogic principles. This is different than gentle yoga, in that it is meant to be basic, not necessarily easy. Basic yoga classes will build strength and flexibility of mind and body, breath control, love of self, and love of life. It is a great class to stick with, or it can be used to prepare you for all levels hatha and vinyasa classes. Basic vinyasa will put a special focus on elements of flow and breath-based movements, but will offer more explanation, a slower pace, and maintain a basic pose syllabus. 

Flow and Stretch

A little vinyasa, and a little deep stretch, for best of both worlds and a well-balanced practice.


Gentle & Restorative

Ahhh-sana. A combination of gentle yoga, including gentle movement, stretching, breath work, meditation, and restorative postures. Restorative postures make gravity your friend, and are often deeply supported by blankets, bolsters, blocks, and other props. These classes melt the kinks out of your body and mind, and are wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Ahhh-sana is intended for anyone, of any level, that needs a more grounding, calming practice, to decrease stress or anxiety, or to balance out high-intensity workouts. EVERYONE could use this practice at some point...enjoy!

Deep Stretch

Work into the depths of your mobility through soft tissue work, self-mobilization of your joints, and strategic pose sequencing to deepen not only your practice, but also your understanding of your body. This class is appropriate for all levels of practitioner, but if you have specific injuries, please ask to ensure the class is right for you.