Dan Hall, RYT

Dan Hall Yoga Teacher 3Tree Yoga Fort Worth

For me, the practice of yoga is an infinite learning process. It is a life long journey that you are constantly building upon and improving, cultivating strength and mental clarity along the way. I have been practicing yoga since December 2011 while I was in graduate school. The combination of stress and work that is piled on to the average graduate student is enough to make any person want to run away, become a hobo, and live as a hermit for the rest of their days…or maybe that was just me. Yoga helped keep me sane. From my first class on I could feel myself relax more, think with a clearer mind, and breathe with greater ease.  I was hugely inspired to begin my practice of yoga thanks to my amazing advisor and friend. She is a practiced yogi and one of the strongest and most intelligent women I will probably ever meet.

Originally from Butler, Pennsylvania, I have lived in Texas since June 2013 and began teaching in 2015 after completing my 200 hr with Dr. Tiffany Denny. Needless to say, my yoga community has become a second home for me. I work full-time in Dallas as a forensic chemist, I love to cook, and travel. Yoga has permeated its way into every aspect of my life and my goal is to share this practice with others. I hope to provide an atmosphere full of light, love, and acceptance for each student in my yoga classes, teaching them to love themselves and each other a little more through practice.