Dr.  Heather Shelton
Medical Doctor, RYT

I started practicing yoga regularly in 2009 when I encountered a teacher at the YMCA who taught a very physical Baptiste-style class - to a group that included students over 75 years old.  I was looking to get into shape after having my second child and surviving years of studying and working 70-80+ hours per week.  I was inspired by the passion of the teacher,  the challenging poses she presented, and the abilities of the older women in the class.  Once a week was not enough, and it wasn’t long until I found myself in a yoga studio completing a 40-day 6-days-a-week yoga challenge.  I still remember the shock of doing wheel for the first time - I went right into it assuming it would be the same as when I did backbends as a child.  I hadn’t realized it but the years of stressful working and studying were frozen into my hunched-over shoulders and chest.  After that I avoided wheel because it was so intense, but eventually I listened to what my body was telling me - that heart-openers were what I desperately needed.  Yoga has opened my heart, strengthened my body and renewed my spirit.  It has helped me to be awake and present for the daily joy that is my life. I’m so grateful that my journey has led me to a place where I can share this gift with others. 

After college at The University of Texas at Austin, I earned my M.D. at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  My physician husband and I then completed residency together in Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern in Dallas, and  I continued on there as an Assistant Professor teaching medical students and residents. In 2007 we moved to Fort Worth where I was in private practice, first in a large group and later in my own practice.  After years of listening to my patients' requests for non-pharmaceutical solutions to their health problems, I began to delve more deeply into the roles of nutrition, self-care and lifestyle factors in promoting health.  At some point it was no longer sufficient to talk the talk of self-care; I had to walk the walk.  I completely changed my diet, started running again, re-dedicated myself to yoga, tried to sleep 8 hours a night, and started to learn about self-love.  Eventually I realized that my plate was too full and the medical system was too broken for me to continue what I was doing.  I closed my practice to dedicate myself to my family and to regroup.  Unsure of what to do next, I finally had the time to do something I had daydreamed about.  In 2016 I completed Rebecca Butler Yoga Teacher Training to become a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.  It was a transformative experience for me in that self-love became real for me, not just something I was trying to do.  In the words of the great yogi Yoda, “Do or do not - there is no try."

As a teacher, I enjoy drawing on my knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create classes that are well-sequenced, balanced, effective and fun.  I know from experience that sometimes the biggest success of the day can be just showing up on the mat, and I look forward to cheering you on when you arrive!


3Tree Yoga Teaching Schedule
Tuesday  |  10:00a|  Hatha