Erika Swyryn, RYT-500



While I had always been interested in yoga, I began my journey yoga journey in earnest in 2014. A friend frequently told me about her studio and teacher and how the practice has had such a positive impact on her life.  I took my first class at Indra’s Grace and Sandra, the teacher and owner was so encouraging.  I was not sure I could make it through that first class and I still remember her words to this day; “If you are thinking right now that you are in the wrong place, then know you are in the RIGHT place.”  I fell in love with yoga that day, never dreaming that I would one day be a teacher myself. 

In 2015 I decided to take the RYT200 Hour teacher training at Indra’s to further my own growth and practice and I received my certification in the fall of that year.  In 2016 I focused on keeping up with what I learned and really took time to develop a home practice.  Somewhere along the way I felt like I was called to do more with what I had learned and when Sandra offered advanced teacher training early in 2017, I jumped at the chance. 

This time around, I knew I wanted to teach and took the opportunity to share with friends, family, and even my coworkers as I started the RTY500 program in January of 2017.  I will have my certification  for this advanced training by the end of December and am very excited to start Kundalini teacher training in January of 2018.

Even though I started yoga for the physical exercise, my favorite parts of yoga wound up being breath work and meditation.  These are also the parts I struggled with the most starting out, and I have grown to love my breath work and meditation practice.  I travel extensively for my full-time job, so finding places and times to practice can be challenging when I am all over the country.  I also love experimenting with yoga I can do in small spaces, in cars, on planes, or in hotel rooms.  You can take your yoga practice with you anywhere.  Just ask me how!

In my spare time I am an avid reader and writer, and I am a rescue certified scuba diver.  Along with my husband Jeff, we rescue and foster cats and kittens for a local rescue group in Weatherford, TX.