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Bhakti Slow Flow: Devotion in Motion

With special guest Stefanie Tovar

Get ready to learn bhakti sounds and move with an open heart as yogi and musician Stefanie Tovar leads you through a slow and soulful practice to explore the characteristics and themes affiliated with Saraswati, yogi archetype of knowledge and the arts. 

In celebration of spring, we will dig deep and uncover the possibilities within ourselves. Is there something dormant that needs to reawaken or become known? Bhakti yoga is a style of yoga that helps us open our hearts through devotion, and awaken our sense of feeling with music. In this workshop, we will unite our voices to unleash the creative qualities within, learn about the yoga of sound, practice asana, and enjoy a sweet savasana with live music from Stefanie.  

Are you ready to dig deep and let your heart be heard?  Then you are ready for bhakti!

The cost is $30 or $20 for unlimited members of 3Tree Yoga.

About Stefanie:

Stefanie initially discovered yoga as a compliment to her onstage work as a musical theatre performer. As she continued practicing, she began to feel great solace and stability regardless of where her suitcases took her as a touring artist. She could always find home on the mat.  Stef yearned to make a lasting impact on the human spirit that moved deeper than performance, and wanted to give people the opportunity to feel empowered, nourished, loved. 

This yearning led Stef to continue practicing and sharing her love of yoga as an instructor.  Stef loves vinyasa yoga and the art of weaving breathe with movement to inspire the spirit, open the heart, and connect with the power and wisdom within the body.  Stefanie also feels fortunate to have her heart and soul moved even more deeply through the path of Bhakti Yoga with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band.  Through Sean's approach, she found how Bhakti and Asana can give many opportunities to let the heart breathe and be heard the voice.  Stef looks forward to the opportunity to share the healing she has found through music, asana and voice with you on the mat.