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Breath Embodiment with Lauren Bailey Motheral

Breath Embodiment


With Lauren Bailey Motheral

A therapeutic yoga workshop designed to create deeper connection to experiencing the breath in the body. Anatomically we breathe into our lungs but energetically there are no boundaries in how we can nourish and access the body with the breath. Today and more than ever we need to strengthen this connection to feeling. Embodied breathing creates an increased awareness of the physical, emotional, and energetic body and of how we can participate in meeting our own needs through our practice and in our lives.  

This two hour workshop will move slowly and methodically for ample time to explore and integrate this practice. Learn how to deeply feel where you are in each pose. Discover how to direct breath into areas of injury that need attention and healing.  Uncover ways to extract the wisdom offered by the body to navigate your practice in a sustainable and expansive way.

Connecting to sensation in the body through breath and attention creates a beautiful foundation for a building a healthy relationship to self. 

Come learn this empowering and beautiful skill that expands presence and confidence in your practice and in your life.  Join us Sunday, July 22nd from 2-4pm. Early Investment $30. Day of pricing as space allows $35.  Register today!