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Embody Love Movement Facilitator Training

Dr Tiffany Denny will lead a 15 hour weekend workshop for self-empowered women who feel inspired to provide Embody Love Movement® workshops and programs in their communities. 

Dates and Times:
- Fri Sept 1 6-9p
- Sat Sept 2 12-6p
- Sun Sept 3 9a-4p

What is a Facilitator?

Facilitators are women who lovingly share Embody Love Movement’s revolutionary programs in studios, schools, camps, community centers and other non-profit organizations. The workshops that they facilitate focus on emotional expression, exposing media myths, changing the conversation from criticism to kindness, and recognizing self-worth and purpose.

How facilitators make a difference:

This training provides facilitators with the ability to inspire girls and women who participate in our programs to:

♥  Value who they are internally over their external appearance
♥  Be empowered to change the conversation from criticism to kindness
♥  Stop comparing themselves to a false idea of beauty and to others
♥  Find inspiration to embrace their purpose in the world

The weekend immersion will include:

♥   Participation in an Embody Love Workshop led by A Certified Trained Faculty Member
♥   The being and doing of facilitation: holding safe space
♥   Projection, transference, and shadow work in groups
♥   Using yoga as a tool to find and keep body acceptance
♥   Finding your voice and sharing your truth: story telling that heals
♥   The detriments of body shaming and comparison
♥   Teaching media literacy and demystifying standard of beauty
♥   Practice, practice, practice of facilitation through role play
♥  How to spread the LOVE revolution to your community

A Guided Process to Certification:

While exhilarating and empowering, facilitating can sometimes be tough. We get it. Holding space for girls and women can bump up against some of our own insecurities. Because of this, our certification process includes a mentoring component. After your training, you will participate in two mentoring sessions with your CF-T so that she can answer any questions that you may have about the process of facilitation, setting up workshops, building community, etc. Our mentoring process gives you the opportunity to grow and learn from the guidance and support of our experienced facilitators. 
* Please note that these mentoring sessions will be an additional cost to the training and fees will be paid directly to your CF-T.  

Bringing ELM to Your Community:

Once you have participated in Facilitator Training, you will be able to start hosting workshops in your community. You will have the knowledge and skill set to offer various curriculum to various groups of individuals. Your niche will arrive if you let it unfold.  

Our financial model allows facilitators the freedom to set their own price for each workshop provided, with the understanding that a percentage of income will be donated back to Embody Love Movement. This model empowers you to draw in what feels right to you and, at the same time, give back to the organization so that we can continue to offer and deliver to the greater whole. Facilitators are also more than welcome to deliver workshops at no cost and volunteer their time. We hold no expectations regarding which path you choose for any given workshop. 

***If you would like to fully or partially sponsor a woman to attend training, either purchase a pass as a gift below, or donate whatever amount you can HERE***

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