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Erase Pain

Erase Pain Workshop

with Margie Terrell and Dr. Tiffany Denny

 Dr Tiffany Denny and Margie Terrell Fort Worth Yoga Teachers

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” -Unknown

Pain is an important part of life, in that it alerts us when something is wrong or we are in physical danger. It is for this reason that pain is closely associated with fear. Unfortunately, sometimes pain doesn’t end when physical injury heals, thus perpetuating a cycle of increased fear and pain that we know as chronic pain. We would all love a quick-fix for our pain, but often this is an unrealistic expectation, and it takes power and accountability away from us and places it in the hands of others.

In reality, pain is a part of healing. But misunderstandings and misinformation about pain science can do more harm than we realize. In this workshop, we explore modern pain science as well as the art of healing to help us better understand our own condition and empower us to get in the driver’s seat of our healing process. We will learn how yoga asana practice, meditation, and sound can serve as mental and physical tools for healing and pain management, and leave with real appreciation for our present condition and a new outlook for the possibilities for our future selves.

Lecture, discussion, and a yoga practice suitable for all levels will be included, and we welcome those who currently experience chronic pain, know someone experiencing chronic pain, or want to prevent the onset of chronic pain. Everyone is welcome :).


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