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Everyday Yoga Therapy for Lower Back Care Workshop

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Please join Sandra Saturday, June 16th from 1:15-2:45pm for an informative short lecture followed by a gentle yoga practice designed to help you feel better in your low back. This practice is for everybody and designed to support you to feel better with regular practice. This gentle approach emphasizes the breath, simple and repetitive movements, careful sequencing, and the use of yoga as a therapeutic tool. Walk away from practice with ideas to support yourself to feel your best. If you can get up and down off the floor without assistance you can do this practice.

*Please note that this workshop is not appropriate for those with severe lower back issues. More individualized attention may be needed in those special cases. Please reach out for support.

Modern day lifestyle and postural habits can create compression in low back and chronic pain. Sciatica is common today and can be often alleviated through proper stretching. Come learn a gentle yet therapeutic Yoga sequence carefully designed to alleviate discomfort and compression and promote health in the low back.. Make this practice a part of your daily routine for your health and well-being! We hope to see you there!

Early bird investment is $25. Day of pricing if space available is $30.