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Explore Your Shadow Within

We all have a shadow or “dark side” as every life has been touched by anger and fear. In this 2 hour workshop we will discuss what is the shadow and come to understand how it serves our life. We will release the idea of things being inherently “good vs. bad”. We do not need to demonize the dark part of ourselves as it’s the source of every challenge worth facing. Bringing our shadow into the light will transform the way we see ourselves, others and the world. Understanding our shadow will give us the tools to connect to ourselves on a deeper level and learn why we do what we do.

Led by Kasey Bell, this workshop will be part lecture followed by a slow flow and restorative yoga practice ending with an introspective meditation to connect to our shadow self. Included is a free crystal that we will use in our yoga practice and meditation, a worksheet to take home for further self study and resources if you want to explore more. 

Regular price is $35.

3Tree Yoga unlimited member price is $30.

Earlier Event: November 4
Later Event: November 12
*Free* Peace & Light Meditation