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Great Balls of Fire - Self Care Through Soft Tissue Work

Self-Care Through Soft Tissue Work with Dr Tiffany Denny

The quest for wellness is no longer about finding the perfect provider to prescribe an intervention and solve all our problems — as it turns out, wellness is about so much more. In the end, each of us must advocate for and act in the interest of our own health. This workshop is all about learning effective self-soft tissue work with the assistance of balls, yoga blankets, yoga blocks, and your own body. 

We will work from the bottom-up, mobilizing fascial and muscle tissues in key areas of our bodies. But it is not enough to mobilize the soft tissue — to make real changes in the state and performance of important tissues, we must reeducate the system by actively moving and engaging our bodies through new ranges of motion. This workshop will demonstrate why this is important, and how to accomplish it. 

These techniques are perfect to use for your own self-care, to incorporate into your yoga classes if you are a yoga teacher, or to incorporate into the home exercise component of your practice if you are a medical professional. 

If you register by June 10, you will receive a set of Yoga Tune Up® balls to take home!

Yoga teachers registered through Yoga Alliance are eligible to receive CEUs for participation in the workshop.

$45 Regular Price
$40 3Tree Yoga Unlimited Members

SOLD OUT!!! Please e-mail to be placed on the waitlist