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Meditation by Donation -- The 9 Basic Personality Structures

Each month we will be hosting a skilled, practiced, meditation teacher so that you have the opportunity to begin or deepen your meditation practice with someone experienced in teaching the subject. This is not a series, so you are welcome to any or all of the practices, and no experience is necessary to benefit from and enjoy the sessions. These practices are by donation, and the money will support a local non-profit. This month will benefit The Warm Place.

What makes it challenging for you to sit quietly and meditate? In this month’s practice we’ll explore a familiar part of our personality structure* that finds it challenging to follow through with a consistent, persistent meditation practice. Whether you are a beginner or more seasoned, you have likely experienced the tendency to procrastinate, forget or give up on your practice.

This meditation practice invites you to come closer to your own living experience of being fully awake, alive and present to yourself and the moment. We will explore the role of your body in building your capacity to be present, to follow through with your intentions, on the cushion and in your life. Our practice will include some movement to wake up our bodies and a longer 20 minute meditation with instruction. We’ll integrate the practice with group inquiry and conversation.

Your host for this practice is Terry Stevens. Terry has been immersed in the human potential movement for much of her adult life, as a business leader, writer, teacher, executive coach and a seminarian student of The Diamond Approach. She brings a variety of movement, inquiry, adult learning models and meditative practices to support clients in accessing and growing their personal presence, the foundation for sustained purpose and practical, elegant functioning in the world. Visit to learn more about her work.

Enneagram Type Nine: The Peacemaker

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