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Practice Meditation - Growing a Practice

Each month through the end of the year, we will be hosting a skilled, practiced, meditation teacher so that you have the opportunity to begin or deepen your meditation practice with someone experienced in teaching the subject. This is not a series, so you are welcome to any or all of the practices, and no experience is necessary to benefit from and enjoy the sessions. These practices are by donation, and the money will support a local non-profit. This month's donations will support the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families. 

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Benefits of a meditation practice

• Training for the Mind
• Reducing stress and suffering from our own thoughts and actions
• Cultivating genuine, lasting, and reliable happiness
• Mind/Body relationship
• Bringing awareness to our “inner world” and “committee of the mind”
• Viewing external experiences as “opportunities to practice”

How do you meditate? Basics in a Vipasana/Samatha Approach

This month we will be go over some meditation basics, based on a Buddhist Vipassana/Samatha approach. We will cover fundamentals such as breathing technique, posture, tongue placement, gaze, and hand placement (mudras), in addition to some best practice advice, such as time of day, location, and the environment of practice. We will discuss the purpose and use of our breath and breath energy in our meditation, and our practice this evening will be focused on breath and bringing our own ingenuity into our personal meditation. This particular practice will also explore the partnership between insight and tranquility, and how we can access both. 

Our host this evening is A.J. Fichera, who has been a Buddhist practitioner and meditator for over 14 years. He was formerly a student of Vietnamese Zen at the Quang Chieu Monastery which led to the teachings of Ajahn Geoff (Thanissaro Bhikkhu) in the lineage of the Thai Forest Tradition. He currently facilitates a secular meditation group in Fort Worth called “Admirable Friends”, which introduces and instructs its participants to meditate and uphold the values of the Thai Forest Tradition. He seeks in his own practice to achieve well-being through solving the mind’s problem of creating stress and suffering, brought on by our own thoughts and actions. He takes joy in introducing people to the benefits of adopting a meditative practice for themselves and others, which in turn, helps reveal the wisdom and compassion that leads to lasting well-being.

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