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Practice Meditation - Developing Steadfastness

Each month through the end of the year, we will be hosting a skilled, practiced, meditation teacher so that you have the opportunity to begin or deepen your meditation practice with someone experienced in teaching the subject. This is not a series, so you are welcome to any or all of the practices, and no experience is necessary to benefit from and enjoy the sessions. These practices are by donation, and the money will support a local non-profit. This month's donations will support The Ridhwan Foundation, which funds the teaching of the Diamond Approach®.

The Gift of Presence – Developing Steadfastness

The benefits of meditation accrue through regular and consistent practice. This evening, we’ll explore what supports us in being steadfast, and how to deal with the obstacles that can arise as one begins a meditation practice. The conversation will be of value to anywhere in your life that you’d like to be steadfast in keeping your commitments. 


Your host for tonight’s practice is Chuck Anderson, a spiritual seeker for more than forty years. He is an ordained teacher of the Diamond Approach®, a spiritual path for realizing who you truly are, and living as an expression of that in the world. Chuck has been a student of the Diamond Approach for the last twelve years, before which he was a practitioner of Siddha Yoga and Transcendental Meditation. He primarily devotes his time to working with individual students in spiritual insight sessions, supporting the teaching in Texas, and preserving the canon of the Diamond Approach®. 

The Diamond Approach®, developed by the renowned philosopher and teacher A.H. Almaas, is taught in groups and to individuals around the world. More information about the Diamond Approach is available at,, and Chuck Anderson can be contacted at

This month’s donations will support The Ridhwan Foundation, which is the non-profit organization supporting the teaching of the Diamond Approach®.

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