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Reiki + Restorative Yoga with Gabrielle Douglas & Jennifer Rydlinski

In this two hour restorative class, we will relax in yoga poses that invoke ease, calm, and help us to rest. When we hold restorative poses with the use of props beneath us, we can more deeply relax and let go. This creates a gentle stretch throughout our bodies, helping us to breathe deeper, and is calming to the central nervous system. Restorative Yoga has been scientifically proven to help relieve us of anxiety, depression, discomfort, & pain. It also rejuvenates our bodies and minds!

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While you rest in each pose, Gabrielle and Jennifer will offer Reiki energy to invoke more healing and relaxation. Reiki energy is derived from a Japanese technique that can aid in detoxification, stress reduction, relaxation and moves “stuck” energy out of the body. Energy that gets trapped and stuck in our bodies can create disease, stress, tension and disharmony. The practitioners approach healing with either hands on touch, or hands hovering above the body to create an experience to nurture, nourish, and connect body, mind and soul.

When we are able to release stuck energy we find an uplifted way of being in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. The intention can bring everything back into balance and alignment, creating ease internally and externally.

Pricing: $45 Early Bird $50 after May 5th

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