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Science of Calm

Stress-management, relaxation, and developing emotional stability are key factors to staying healthy and maintaining an excellent quality of life. We all know this, or have heard it at one time or another, but what is the science behind it, and how can we realistically fit these practices into our busy lives? These are the questions that we will delve into throughout the workshop.

The Science of Calm, intentionally placed during the heart of holiday season, will be a combination of lecture, meditation, asana practice, and discussion. We will cover the science behind stress, overwhelm, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and their remedies, including a discussion on our autonomic nervous system and its relationship to other systems in the body. Then, with an enhanced understanding of the importance of nervous system regulation, we will delve into the practical ways we can work on this regulation every day, injecting calm into our lives little-by-little until it becomes part of us.

Led by Dr. Tiffany Denny, this workshop is excellent for anyone needing more resources for stress-management in their own life, but would also be great for yoga teachers interested in learning more about how to help our students regulate their nervous system through our weekly yoga classes.

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Earlier Event: December 2
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