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Vedic Thai-Yoga Fusion Workshop

Although Yoga and Vedic Thai Bodywork are practiced differently, many of their traditions, forms and intentions are the same: transformation of the mind, stimulating life-force energy, and maintaining a general balance of wellness. Both are thousands of years old and have been passed down experientially one-on-one from teacher to student only until recent times. Yoga can be considered a self-healing practice while Vedic Thai Bodywork is an "Assisted Asana" modality. Vedic Thai Bodywork/Massage, traditionally called Nuad Borarn, is a “dance of healing” for giver and receiver where both benefit from spiritual touch and body awareness.

Our intention for this class is to experience similarities in how these two ancient practices feel in the body and how to use both in your life, whether that be teaching or self practice. We will practice specific Yoga asanas together for about 25-30 minutes and then pair up for similar techniques of Vedic Thai Bodywork. During this part of the workshop we practice in seated or lying positions where you will learn a variety of elegant and comfortable stretching and compression applications using your feet, hands, elbows, knees, etc. This "traditional and new" style of massage is deeply relaxing, easy to learn and lots of fun while practicing with a partner.

Like Yoga, the sacred art of Vedic Thai Bodywork can enhance your quality of life, reduce stress, and balance your energy. Study how this ancient Vedic folk-art can be used to augment your yoga teaching skills to adjust students easily and intuitively, giving that little extra something in private sessions, or enjoying a friendly give-and-take with a loved one or partner.

Price is $60