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Welcome yourself to Heart - Mind - Body

In this 2 hour workshop we will explore exercises for our Meridian Lines, which will invigorate our bodies and minds while helping us to connect to our breath. Then we'll move into gentle, Hatha style Yoga, including lessons on how to hands on assist yourself with gentle adjustments while breathing/stretching/holding each pose. This will help us maintain healthy hips, shoulders, backs and knees! Practicing Pranayama (various breath exercises) to clear out debris trapped in our lungs, bring calm to our central nervous system, and relax deeper into our bodies and breath; as we rest in restorative poses. Then we will complete class with a soothing meditation and rest.  We will take 5 minutes to journal our experience at the end of class. 

Cost of Class $35 for early bird, $40 day of event.

About Gabrielle:

Yoga keeps Gabrielle grounded and tuned into both herself and life around her. She said, "Yoga always brings me back to an abundance of love, compassion and gratitude; and I experience more clarity and strength in my body and mind!" She expressed that practicing yoga has helped her to feel more peaceful with life, and enjoys helping others find inner peace as well. She dedicates much of her time to helping people learn the benefits of yoga, and the experience gives back to her in so many incredible ways. She feels driven to share this knowledge with anyone who wants to learn! Gabrielle,(or Gabby), has been practicing Yoga for 18 years and meditation for 12 years. She has been teaching Yoga and meditation for 9 years. Due to chronic pain in her body from repetitive movement, she realized she had to make a positive change for herself. She obtained her 200 Hours certification in Vajra Yoga and Meditation, with Jill Satterfield in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and New York City. Over the years, she has accumulated many hours of study with various teachers and styles of yoga. Attending a lot of workshops, retreats, and teaching group/private classes, workshops, and retreats. She has developed a well rounded style of her own. Her education focused a lot on alignment within each asana/pose, and how to bring our mind into our body and breath. She feels most comfortable teaching classes at a slower pace. "In this way we can find our alignment, mindful breath, fulfill each pose, before moving on to the next." She studied ballet as a child and into her teen years, and when she found yoga, it made complete sense to her as to why she was so drawn to it, and became active about her practice from the very start. Gabrielle has also been a songwriter and musician for 23 years. She has toured throughout the United States and many parts of Europe with the band she plays in, The Cush,with her husband. She is very passionate about playing, writing, and recording music, and loves to experience positive energy through the power of music! Gabby has mostly studied: Hatha, Iyengar, Vajra, Anusara, & Restorative. Her classes have been described as: Grounding, Strengthening, Challenging, Meditative, & Relaxing.

A note from Gabby: "I feel much gratitude to be given the opportunity to teach Yoga. I'm inspired by other people's practice everyday. It is a blessing!"