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Yoga and the Anatomy of Immunity

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Join Sandra Vanatko and Dr. Tiffany Denny this December for a workshop on yoga practices to bolster immunity combined with the anatomy and physiology behind the immune system and why these yogic techniques work. 

First, Tiffany will dive into the science behind best practices for maintaining a healthy immune system, especially focusing on the role played by yogic practices such as tapping, pranayama, and asana. 

Next, Sandra will take you through a complete immune-driven practice, including the techniques discussed and finishing with a luscious Yoga Nidra session. 

Spend an afternoon during the holiday season taking care of YOU.  Make the commitment to pause for a few hours, to be in community, and to consciously slow down.  Bolster  your immune system during a season where we tend to stay up later than usual, eat foods that don’t nourish us, and endure increased stress levels.  Tiffany and Sandra are excited to take you through the science of staying healthy and a practice that will support both high levels of holiday activity and will deepen your ability to relax, keeping you balanced through the season. Click HERE to register.

Early Bird  |  $55 through Dec 3
Regular Price  |  $65