Healing Arts

Empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being



Individual healing sessions are an essential alternative or complementary treatment methodology to biomedical, illness-based healthcare. The holistic approach used in yoga therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and energy work sessions promotes wellness, preventative health, and facilitates improved functioning of the body's own healing systems.


Gabby Douglas

Gabrielle (aka) Gabby combines Reiki Energy and Restorative Yoga in a way that helps the individual to receive more of what they need to fully relax, and heal in a way that is transformative to their body and minds on physical, energetic and emotional levels.

Her sessions are catered to your needs in a way that is gentle and intuitive.

Individual Yoga Session           Small Group Classes(2-3 people)
60 minutes: $85                           60 minutes: $140
90 minutes: $120                         90 minutes: $175

Individual Reiki Session          Individual Reiki & Yoga
90 minutes: $120                         90 minutes: $150 

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LaurenBailey (LB) Motheral

What to expect : A hands on and intuitively lead healing session tailored to clients physical, emotional, and energetic needs. This offering can specialize or blend modalities including bodywork, reiki, Ayurvedic facial work, yoga + healing assists, pranayama, and meditation. The intention of these sessions is to decrease clients core tension and increase embodied experience to help assist the individual in reaching optimal functioning.

60 minutes: rate coming soon

90 minutes: rate coming soon

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Jennifer Rydlinski

Jennifer customizes each session specific to each individual client's needs based on the guidance of the body's inner wisdom.  Working with all aspects of the being- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Sessions can include Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Reiki, and Reflexology. 

Custom Session:
60 minutes: $100


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John Stockberger

The focus of all of John's healing sessions is to activate your Inner Healer and to get you unstuck. Whether you are stuck in physical or mental pain or you are stuck and plateauing in your spiritual development or you just feel frustrated, these conditions can all lead to feeling trapped, overwhelmed and shutdown. The feeling of being trapped in your body or life situation can be highly toxic leading to a downward spiral in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. John supports and guides his clients in moving toward wholeness, wellness, clarity and health.

90 minutes: $144
60 minutes: $100

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Sandra Vanatko

Sandra Vanatko, owner and visionary of Indra’s Grace loves offering personalized healing sessions which are always intuited and co-created with students. Students consciously participate in sessions to empower the inner healer that knows exactly what to do.  Sandra offers unique approaches to moving energy that no longer serves your highest good. She can hold space for releasing  blocked energy, balance chakras, offer intuitive guidance, hold space for integrative breath work, and more.  She loves holding space in a way that empowers people to reach their maximum healing potential, joy, and prosperity. 

Sessions can include but are not limited too:

Chakra Balancing                              Guided Meditation
Reiki                                                  Guided Healing Breath
Energy Block Clearing                      Soul Retrieval
Intuitive Guidance                             Inspirational Card Reading
Connecting with Guides & Angels

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The Healing Arts Experience

Indra's Grace Yoga offers private healing sessions, during which yoga postures, props, hands-on assistance, breath-work, meditation, and suggestions for self-treatment at home, are part of a comprehensive therapeutic program intended to improve your wellness from a holistic perspective.  We offer a variety of empowering sessions including Yoga therapy with Sandra Vanatko, personalized private instruction, cranial sacral therapy with Jennifer Berry and John Stockberger, customized healing sessions with Sandra and John. 

Healing sessions are available by appointment.  At your first session, your current state and therapeutic needs will be evaluated and we will then begin developing your therapeutic plan. During the last few minutes of your session, we will discuss your progress and instructions for your self-practice. Sessions can last 90, 75, or 60 minutes.