Kasey Bell Fort Worth Yoga Teacher

Kasey's 3Tree Yoga Teaching Schedule:
Mon   |  6:00a Flow and Stretch
              7:00p Gentle&Restorative
Wed   |   7:00p Vinyasa


My yoga practice began in 2004. What started out as an exercise regimen soon became a way of life.  After taking my first few yoga classes, my body felt energized and relaxed, my mind was clear and peaceful. I soon learned that yoga is truly an exercise for the body, mind and soul. As an artist in many mediums, I feel inspiration from everywhere and anything, pulsating from all walks of life. The art of yoga is a great example that everything in life can inspire us and be our teacher if we look closely enough. Yoga has taught me to find and cultivate peace. It has taught me how to love and accept myself. 

Discovering the gift of yoga has inspired me to share this peace with others. In my classes you will experience a "soul flow" that weaves mindful alignment, creative expression and guided meditation with a heavy dose of love, sweat and laughter. Yogis are invited to dive in and explore that which lives within, connect with their neighbors and find their personal truth.You will leave feeling reset and cleansed, in mind, body and soul.

Kasey is 3Tree Yoga's Studio Manager! Contact her at info@3treeyoga.com