Katherine Walker, RYT-200

Katherine is an RYT-200 certified yoga instructor and founder of <i>Reconnect</i>, a wilderness yoga and white water rafting retreat, who has been teaching yoga to friends and family almost since she began her own home practice. She first experienced yoga through video and gym offerings and found the practice confusing and unsettling without the help of an intuitive teacher to guide her through the emotional aspects of the practice. In 2013, after attending a few weekend workshops with Sandra Vanatko at Indra's Grace, Katherine began an avid, vinyasa flow home practice, and found the practice of moving with breath so powerful she immediately began teaching anything she knew to anyone who would let her. Within a year, Katherine began attending classes at Indra's Grace, driving all the way from Dallas to Weatherford for the deeply impactful work she experienced there. In 2014 she began to formalize her teaching, offering free classes at work to help support her colleagues in relaxation, health, mindfulness and overall healing. Now, Katherine uses her year's of teaching experience across various disciplines, plus her own discoveries from personal and group practice to present classes based in functional movement to help clear the body, calm the mind and center the emotions. Having herself experienced the powerful healing benefits of yoga, she is passionate about sharing that work with others so they may experience greater freedom and abundance as they walk life's journey. Katherine completed her yoga teacher training at Indra's Grace with Sandra Vanatko in 2016.