Megan Sacre, RYT 200

2018-03-22 17.26.19.jpg

First thing: yoga has saved my sanity! After I finished high school and went into college, I quickly felt depressed and lost. Searching through majors and classes, I was hoping something would resonate with me, but nothing felt like me. So, I took some time off and went on some adventures. Later I found myself at a music and arts festival that was offering mindful meditation classes on the campsite. It was 30 minutes of breathing under the trees and sun and the feeling within me just after this experience was priceless. I felt what I had been searching for within myself and instantly knew I wanted to share this with others. After this one class, I got my first yoga mat and began to adventure into a home practice on my own. About a year went by and I began to search for more guidance. I knew I wanted to do teacher training to really dive into the practice and be able to properly share it with others, but I wasn't sure where to start since I had not really spent any time in a yoga studio. I searched and emailed around about teacher trainings for months until I took one class at Indra's Grace. I instantly fell in love and felt at home. Later that year, I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Indra’s Grace. In the process, I fell in love with the Kundalini Yoga practice and how it deepened my relationship with myself and has helped me to significantly manage my anxiety. Now in 2018 I am so blessed to be a part of the KRI Kundalini teacher training at Indra's Grace. Learning these practices and being able to share them with others that could help in the same ways it has helped me is true happiness. In my spare time, I've picked up a very joyful and uplifting hobby of hula hoop dancing! The art of flowing with or without props (like hula hoops) has become a part of me and my inner happiness - because sometimes it's good to just dance. I have even been able to incorporate yoga within my hoop dancing for extra fun! And now I like to do performances and spin hula hoops with fire! I'm so grateful to say I have found my passions and happiness. And to have found the Indra's Grace community has truly saved me. I wish to spend the rest of my time on earth serving others and to help them find peace within and peace on earth.