Nancy Deison, RYT-500


There are lots of reasons to love yoga. Here are a few of favorites according to Nancy:

  •  Yoga is mindful movement with breath.  That is a challenge I can work on every day.
  •  Yoga is quiet.  (Unless we do a little screaming.)  I do crave the absence of noise pollution.
  •  The benefits of a yoga practice have been scientifically proven.  The more I learn about yoga the more I appreciate its brilliance.
  •  I like the emphasis on peace and harmony in class and in my life.
  •  I like people who like yoga.  It is fun to participate in a community.
  •  I appreciate the accessibility of yoga.  I am not dependent on time, place or another person.  I can do yoga every day.
  •  When I am taking a class with a teacher I love and admire, yoga tells me I am my own best teacher.
  •  When I am teaching a class I appreciate each student.  I am grateful to observe another’s learning process.
  •  Yoga is best practiced every day.  Routine suits me.
  •  Yoga makes me smile.  Some of the poses are awkward.  Some are irritating.  Others are totally impossible today.  When I do a beautiful headstand with my grandchildren I have to laugh because I have never done a beautiful headstand in a class.
  •  The “Ego Eradicator” is a great reason to love yoga.
  •  Yoga tells us to do our best.  Our best is enough.  I like that.
  •  Yoga encourages me to strengthen my body, calm my mind, observe my thoughts, improve my breathing, become flexible and contribute to peace on earth.

If one of these reasons strikes a chord, Nancy looks forward to seeing you in a class soon!