I'm new to yoga

Will I be okay?

The most difficult aspect of beginning a yoga practice is the apprehension we feel when trying something new, surrounded by others who have a lot of experience. Remember, though, that we are all beginners at some point. A yoga practice is a journey of continual growth—we never stop learning. 3Tree teachers have great experience mentoring new students, modifying a poses in class to meet each student's needs and helping you to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar situation.

Where do I start?

We have classes for you, specifically

Beginners’ Series: 3Tree Yoga offers 5-week beginners series that are designed to teach you the basics so that you feel comfortable attending our Level 1 group classes.

Level 1: Level 1 classes are group classes for people that want to build physical and mental strength and flexibility, but need a class that focuses on fundamentals.

Gentle: Gentle classes are for any level of practitioner that needs a purely relaxing and grounding yoga class.