The mission of the Yoga Teacher Training Program is to empower and inspire dedicated yoga practitioners to share and teach meaningful yoga with skill and compassion. Upon completion of the program, participants are eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level.


Focus on Experience

A significant component of the training program is progressive experience teaching yoga with support and constructive feedback so that you feel competent and confident leading public classes. 

Asana & Meditation

In addition to instructional hours, students commit to regular asana and meditation practice, as well as reading, self-study, and journaling that is assigned at the beginning of the program.


Business and Ethics

Participants will learn about the business of yoga in a variety of teaching settings, as well as special interest topics such as social media navigation, and will engage in discussion of ethical guidelines for yoga instructors. 

Creative Sequencing

Learn to design thoughtful yoga sequences and guide intelligent, inspirational group classes authentic to your style. As support, our training emphasizes physical and energetic anatomy, teaching technique, foundational yoga philosophy, and personal growth and discovery.


The Essence of Great Teaching

Teaching yoga is a complex task, and the most effective teachers know how to combine the creativity, technical knowledge, and yoga philosophy necessary to sequence a great class, with the verbal accuracy required to both instruct and inspire students in their practice.

Great teachers also work consistently on self-study and self-revelation so that there is a quality of authenticity to their teaching and so that their yoga classes can truly be in service of students.  

Teacher Training will delve into this multidimensional picture of quality yoga teaching so that participants come away with the foundational skills of great teaching as well as a fundamental understanding of their own personal practice.


Required Reading